About Nini Kenya

Nini is a rose nursery that was founded in 1996. Nini, together with Lamorna, became part of the Herburg Group in 2021. From 2023, Nini and Lamorna merged and we will continue as Nini. The nursery is located on the southern shore of Lake Naivasha, the heart of Kenya's flower industry. At Nini, the roses are also produced in a sustainable manner and we also pay a lot of attention to people and the environment through various accreditations such as Fairtrade, MPS, & KFC.

Nini further expanded its production areas to 60 hectares in 2022. Our range currently consists of 21 varieties in various colours. Every year, Nini exports approximately 125 million roses, which find their way to the retail market in Europe and the UK in particular.