Employees Nini Kenya

Vijay Bhosale

General Manager

Vijay is our General Manager and works on the day-to-day operations within Nini in Kenya. He does this by supporting his team of managers to achieve their objectives. A lot of work goes into supporting the production capacity of the nursery, ensuring timely and functional arrangement of resources to allow the roses to grow as optimally as possible. Vijay also ensures that a pleasant, environmentally and people-friendly environment is created in Nini.

Zachary Muthui

Finance Manager

Zachary keeps the finance department balanced. Zachary does this by ensuring good cash flow control and keeping a close eye on exchange rates. Zachary also makes the budget and capex planning together with management. Zachary's team ensures that all invoicing, payments and export documentation are handled correctly.

Niceta Mbogo

Human Resources Manager

Niceta and her team are responsible for our 1200 employees. This starts with arranging recruitment and employment contracts. Niceta also takes care of the well-being, salary checks, training, health and safety of our staff. Niceta works with the trade union and Fairtrade committees to ensure that everyone is heard within the company. All these features are supported by protocols that are regularly reviewed. Our less than 1 percent turnover rate and 98 percent permanent workforce are due to the stability and consistency of the HR department.

Carla Ulyate

Systems Development Manager

Carla ensures that Nini works with minimum waste and maximum efficiency. She does this by developing clear practical standards together with the teams, with built-in goals and sufficient support. The standards are adhered to through a built-in monitoring system, ensuring we know the skill levels of all our employees and are able to direct our training efforts where they are needed most. Data is the foundation of the farm and by processing it in the right way, we have control at all levels. By developing new processes, such as packing via sea freight, we continue to lead the industry.

Rachel Ivita

Supply Chain

Rachel's daily work consists of managing the supply chain in the right direction. Rachel is in charge of planning, anticipating change, managing priorities and communicating with her team and our clients. In addition to the supply chain, Rachel supports the Fairtrade committee on behalf of the management team as a representative.