Herburg Roses

It is our goal to achieve the standard for excellence in fresh cut Roses and be the grower and supplier of choice.

Herburg Roses is a grower of an excellent quality rose with various color range and premium large-head. We are a leading Ethiopian producer of high quality Roses with expanded production and good mix to satisfy vast market. We grow our Roses ethically and in harmony with our environment.

Take time to look at our range of Roses and you'll see the quality we provide.

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Trade Parc Westland Jupiter 201

2675 LV Honselersdijk

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About Herburg Roses

Every day, 1200 employees of Herburg Roses work together with great dedication to provide our customers the best quality roses. We aspire for roses with the biggest rose bud and the most beautiful color range.

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Sustainable business

We believe that we can only offer a high-quality rose range, if we treat people and the planet with respect. This is what makes Herburg Roses a unique rose farm.

Take a look behind the scenes Sustainable from our roots With our roses, you help the Ethiopian society