Our production process

We specialize in producing of 29 different high-quality rose varieties, year-round production of quality fresh cut roses to customers through observing the highest level of Good Agricultural Practices, social and environmental responsibility.

We would like to give you insights in how we compile our assortment and in our production process up until transportation to The Netherlands.


We carefully select rose variety. Each variety undertakes extensive trials to ensure, vase life, strength and overall quality of the flower. Our trial site also helps to validate how well new varieties are resilient to pests and diseases.


Take a look inside our greenhouse

Are you looking from a desktop? You can use the arrows to walk around. On smartphones, it is possible to swipe through our greenhouses.

Sustainable Farming

The farm is equipped with Greenhouses; Water Management Systems, Pest and Disease Management with Integrated Pest Management approach and efficient Post Harvest practices are in place.

Cultivation is done with great emphasis on quality and handling. Sustainable soil and water management farming practices lays at the priority for the finest export quality roses.

We have been working with environmentally friendly pest control methods for over 11 years. Technical monitoring through experienced and qualified scouts enable us to stay ahead of potential threats to our plants from pests.

We strongly believe in soil health to enhance rose quality and production. To maintain soil fertility and balance microorganisms, we use organic composts made from a mix of organic matter, mainly rejects roses and old rose bushes, bio-degraded with natural solutions to a rich dark nutritious form, which is then introduced to the soils in the rose beds.

There is a nutrition practice in place to manage plant nutrients including avoiding and minimizing adverse effects on the environment. We are extremely conscious on water conservation. Drip irrigation is used throughout our greenhouses which ensure efficient use of water. Through our cool chain management, we maintain the freshness of roses, and guarantees premium quality roses with an optimum vase life. Our efficient Post Harvest System and practices assuring the reliable quality products exported in accordance with clients need and quality standards.


Biological pest control

Herburg Roses does not use chemicals while nursing the roses. Instead of chemicals we use a biological control agent: Phytoseiulus. Better known as predatory mite. Due to the lack of chemicals, we guarantee high quality roses. With this sustainable care we not only meet our standards and values to treat the environment with respect, but we also guarantee a beautiful color range.

Critical selection

Once the roses have flourished enough, they are harvested. This is done with extreme precision, for consistent quality. In a production hall, the raised roses are critically assessed. Roses that do not meet our quality standards in terms of shape, damage or do not have the right button height, will be sorted out.



Our farm is located within two and half hours of the Addis Ababa International Airport which allows for a quick time from orders to delivery, transportation to Netherlands will only take 24 hours. The time from receiving an order to supplying the customer is between 24 and 36 hours.