Herburg Roses
  • Can I make private purchases at Herburg Roses?

    Unfortunately you can’t. You can’t directly buy roses from us. Our roses are available at various supermarkets.

  • How many types of roses do you offer?

    Herburg Roses grows 29 types of roses at this moment

  • What is the difference between an African rose and a Dutch rose?

    There is almost no difference between a Dutch and an African rose. However, there is a difference inexposure. Dutch roses are exposed in the greenhouse and African roses are illuminated by the sun.

  • What makes Herburg Roses fair trade?

    Herburg Roses is a certified Fairtrade rose farm. Therefore, we contribute to improved living conditions for our employees. By cultivating Fairtrade roses, Herburg Roses also contributes to better working conditions. In addition, with the money raised by our Fairtrade sales, we create and support various projects. Including building a school, a water well and food stores for the local community.