Herburg Roses possesses a large number of certificates in the area of sustainability. Through annual inspections, conducted by independent parties, all necessary actions are executed and continuous improvement of our processes is ensured.


Fairtrade is a global movement organization focusing on a sustainable development of the social, economic status of workers, families and community through better trading conditions. Since 2014 we are Fairtrade Certified. Our continuous commitment to achieve the aims and values of Fairtrade enable us to supply Fairtrade certified produce to our customers consistently. For our Fairtrade sales, on the top of commercial price for the product we receive Fairtrade Premium. This premium goes into a communal fund to use for improvement the social, economic and environment situation.

Premium funds are managed by a Fairtrade Premium Committee (FPC) made up of elected workers and representatives of management, in an advisory support role. This committee has the task of democratically proposing, carrying out, and overseeing Premium projects selected by the workers following a consultation process. The members of the Fairtrade Premium Committee regularly receive training in project and financial management. This ensures the proper utilization of Fairtrade premium.


Fairtrade Project

Due to unhealthy market conditions, which results the exposure of employees to buy recurrent cereal crops under the circumstance of highly inflated prices, Fairtrade food commodities subsidy project will work towards facilitating recurrent food items at affordable price to the employees aiming at in the reduction the factor that weaken social and economic status of the employees to improve their life.

The food commodities are subsidized by 40% of the market price. The subsidized items are in highest demand by our employees include: maize, flour, sugar, oil, lentil, spices and rice.