Herburg Roses has a variety of sustainability certificates. Due to the annual inspection, carried out by independent parties, all necessary actions are taken and continuous improvement is guaranteed.

MPS and SQ

In 2007 and 2008 we successfully registered for de MPS A en SQ certificering. The MPS A certificate is an international requirement for the minimal use of chemicals and fertilizers in a responsible manner. In addition, all systems must be aimed at the proper use of, among other things, water, waste and electricity.


The Fairtrade certificate, which was obtained in 2014, contains all MPS requirements as mentioned above. In addition, it adds many activities that are beneficial to the social environment, such as the employees, their families and the community, among others. One of the requirements that has been added is the collection of the Fairtrade Premium (10% on gross sales). The Fairtrade Premium Committee is responsible for managing the projects financed by the Premium and consists of both employees and management.

Fairtrade Premium Committee

Together with the Fairtrade certification, the Fairtrade Premium Committee was installed. Both employees and management are represented in this Committee as leadership. They have the responsibility to supervise the budget, which results from the premium on the sale of the Fairtrade flowers. As the number of members of this committee are new to project and financial management, regular training in this area is provided by the Fairtrade Liaison Officer.

EHPEA certificaat (brons/goud)

The Ethiopian Horticultural Producers and Exporters Association (EHPEA) works together with the government and nurseries to realize improvements in the horticultural industry. The EHPEA supports educational programs, marketing activities and has also developed a method to ensure that flowers transported abroad meet the same standard. EHPEA bronze has been developed together with Globalgap. The gold certificate also includes social standards.