About Herburg Roses

Every day, 1200 employees of Herburg Roses work together with great dedication to provide our customers the best quality roses. We aspire for roses with the biggest rose bud and the most beautiful color range.

Of course, customer satisfaction is our main focus, but it is also important to us that our employees have a good job and that our production process is as sustainable as possible. Herburg takes its social and environmental responsibility very seriously. Our entire assortment is therefore FairTrade produced. We are also in possession of various certificates including MPS SQ certificate, MPS ABC certificates and the MPS-GAP certificate.


Do you have any special wishes? By always focusing on the customer, we are very flexible in our production process. Do you have special supply demands, such as multiple location at a time? Or are you looking for roses that are not yet in our range? Feel free to contact us, we will do everything possible to find solutions to satisfy your wishes!

About Us

Herburg Roses had its origins in Noordeindseweg in Berkel en Rodenrijs in Nederland, family owned and operated business. Founded in 1974 by Jan van der Burg on 5,000 square meters of land. Our farm’s success has been Jan van der Burg’ pioneering spirit of sustainability to become one of the largest exporters of roses into Europe market.

In 2006, Herburg Roses started a nursery in Ethiopia, located in Ziway about 163 km east from the capital on 18 hectares of land and has grown to 40 hectares and 1200 workers.

Herburg Roses conduct its business ethically and in compliance with health, safety and environmental protection standards through a continuing commitment to produce the environment in mind and promote environmental sustainability and contribute to social and economic development while improving the quality of life of our workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society.

Presently we produce 29 varieties of Roses available on year-round production of consistently quality products to customers in worldwide market through observing the highest level of social and environmental responsibility.


Here we produce very consistent and excellent quality roses, where up to 29 varieties are grown simultaneously. As a well-functioning rose farm in Ethiopia, we feel a moral obligation to invest back in social and ecological initiatives. We believe that we can only build a quality and sustainable rose farm when we treat the community and the environment with respect. We have invested heavily with our HR in stores and infrastructure. In society. That is the fruit of the sustainable business of Herburg Roses.

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