Employees Herburg Ethiopia

Jos Klijs

General Manager

Jos is our General Manager and takes care of the day-to-day operations. He creates and maintains work procedures and guidelines. Together with the management team, Jos is responsible for setting business objectives and achieving them. From his position, Jos ensures that all activities are carried out efficiently and that everyone functions properly. In addition, he builds leadership capabilities at all levels of governance within Herburg Roses Ethiopia, including coaching and mentoring.

Biniyam Ameha

Farm Manager

Our farm manager Biniyam arranges everything in the greenhouses and grading hall, from managing people to processing orders. He is also involved in quality control. He reports his findings to the management team of which he is also a member.

Salome Seyoum

Administration Coordinator

Salome is responsible for assisting and coordinating a variety of administrative tasks. She provides support to employees, and the day-to-day operations of various departments. For example, Salome assists our HR department, the PR of Herburg Roses and she also maintains the ins and outs of our office.

To successfully complete all internal and external audits, Salome also assists and advises work departments on compliance with Ethiopia's laws and regulations. Within the business operations of Herburg Roses, Salome checks compliance and ensures that all documentation is ready for external audits.

Moyammed Seyid

Human Resources Manager

As a human resources manager, Mohammed is responsible for recruitment, relations between management and our employees, employee training and the implementation of our HR program. Mohammed supports the implementation of all activities and is responsible for the overall functioning of the HR department.

He collaborates with all Herburg Roses work departments regarding organizational goals and objectives. In addition, Mohammed also works as a public relations representative. He maintains relationships with all stakeholders and strengthens ties with the local community.