At our locations in both Kenya and Ethiopia, we pay great attention to people and the environment. Sustainability is a high priority for us, not only because of the market requirements in Europe, but because of the respect we have for the people who help produce this beautiful product every day. We have an active program and various accreditations to continuously improve on this.

Herburg Ethiopia

Sustainability is central to our nursery in Ethiopia. Since the start of our nursery in 2006, we have immediately entered into a partnership with the MPS program. We have been certified as Herburg Ethiopia since 2007.

In addition to the fact that the environment is important to us, we have registered for Fairtrade. We received this certificate in 2014. This has enabled us to do more for our employees. Every day (new) matters are touched upon, discussed and improved. Any adjustments are addressed promptly. Partly because of this, we have been able to obtain the Fair Trade Premium Committee certificate.

The main focus of our Fairtrade program is to support our people with the primary necessities of life, such as affordable food and education. Every month through our Fairtrade store we distribute essential items such as corn, flour, sugar, cooking oil to our people at a reduced price so that there is always availability and people do not feel fluctuations in the market price. We have also started an education project for children with disabilities. This project should take full shape in 2023.

Furthermore, we are EHPEA Silver and Gold, Global Gap, MPS ABC and SQ certified, and we also have various actions underway in cooperation with the local community and businesses around us.

Nini Kenya

Within Nini, it has always been important to grow roses in a sustainable way and give something back to the community. Like Herburg Ethiopia, Nini Kenya is Global Gap, MPS A, MPS SQ and Fairtrade certified. In addition to these accreditations, Nini Kenya is Kenya Flower Council Silver certified.

Through our Fairtrade committee, we have set up several projects with local schools over the past 10 years, with a particular focus on education. The children of our employees are fully supported in their education through Fairtrade. There is also provision for childcare and various other projects are set up to help our people.

In 2022, we also actively started improving our carbon footprint. We are proud to report that in 2022, Nini was the largest sea freight flower exporter in Kenya, something we fully commit to expanding in the future.